Saturday, 15 November 2008

Early learning

I have often wondered which comes first? Reading or writing? To my mind, reading is the obvious answer. I find, however, that the schools focus so much more or writing tasks that the small, tiny hands tire before the mind can begin to grasp the words.

It is a magical world out there... the words... the sentences... the pictures...

I still remember my childhood days when I could lose myself for hours in my own make- believe world. It could be the magic of Tenali raman or the forest animals who could speak in human language in Champak Van!

Times have changed. Children are more involved with games and activities. They are also to be seen in front of their computer screens or in the midst of their academic deluge. Mostly they are to be found staring at a screen that continues to play something or the other 24x7! How the TV channels find so much to air is a mystery only till you realise that the programmes are often repeated. Children watch the same programme again... and again... and yet again.

If they were too find reading and writing as enjoyable, and were to read and write "again... and again... and yet again", would they not... ehhhh... learn as easily as they remember the signature tunes of their fav shows?

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